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Présentation sapers_2
« le: 03 mai 2019, 16:42:39 »
Bonjour à tous et merci de m'avoir donné l'occasion de jouer sur vos serveurs (GAD), et de me tolérer également   ;D
Je suis désolé, mais je vais maintenant passer à l'anglais car je ne parle pas du tout français, j'espère que vous pourrez me pardonner.

Hello all,
I play on GAD server (I like this mod :D) since march 2016 and this is also first time that when I played Urban Terror too (this date is from  xlrstats  :D - personally I don't remember  ??? ).
I play for fun, but I like being at top  ?? 8) ;D :D - so, let me brag a little :D : I managed to got to top of Expert League  :D :D
I'm 32 and live in Poland, my name is Przemek, I'm working in IT and electronic engineering (designing and programming; also this is my hobby too).
For gaming: I like Assassin's Creed series, and I love old Unreal Tournament (1999 and 2004) - I still play them :D , back in the days (mid- and high- school) I have played constantly in UT :D so I got a bit of skill ;D (the 'godlike' bot level is demanding  8) )

As player I don't like going outside of map (but I know how to do it :P ) and I don't tolerate others doing this (and killing from 'under map') - so If I see someone then I'm after him or her  :P , there is few other thing that I don't like too... Anyway, this is not place fo this :D

I'd like to ask to "un-ban" some of IP addresses ( pool ( because right now, to access this forum I have to use VPN :-[ (my ISP is Orange Poland).


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Re : Présentation sapers_2
« Réponse #1 le: 03 mai 2019, 19:12:32 »
Hello sapers_2
  I'm happy to see you on the forum
and that the inscription I made for you worked
you are a player that I find serious
that's why you're senior-admin on the game
as for debannir ip, I do not have the necessary rank for that

see you soon

sorry but my english is very bad

Bonjour, sapers_2
 je suis heureux de te voir sur le forum
et que l'inscription que j'ai faite pour toi ai fonctionné
tu es un joueur que je trouve sérieux
c'est pour ça que tu es senior-admin sur le jeu
pour ce qui est de débannir tes ip , je n'ai pas le grade nécessaire pour ça

à bientôt

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Re : Présentation sapers_2
« Réponse #2 le: 03 mai 2019, 23:37:36 »
Hi Sapers. Welcome here. I'm not very present ig atm, but i hope to get shot soon :)
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